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bless the world with your magick

tools to help lightworkers shine more brightly

Become more aligned, empowered and impactful on your mission.

Uncover the exact tools that will help you make a bigger impact, faster... 

solah nightstar of positively purposeful_ed

I'm Solah Nightstar

I believe that living in alignment with our gifts, passions, truths and majick

is the medicine that this world deeply needs.


I became a Passion and Purpose Alignment Coach in 2012 because

I'd spent my first career as an award winning Special Effects Makeup Artist, knowing what if feels like to be fully aligned with my passions

                      and I wanted to help activate others,

so that we could co-create a beautiful world. 

your guide to the potential that resides inside

Metaphysician. Artist. Healer.

 Passion & Purpose Alignment Coach for Lightworkers.

After dedicating myself to helping other changemakers and lightworkers live a magickal life like I was experiencing, my world            collapsed and spirit took me through a 9 year

dark night of the soul.

In order to overcome the challenges I was presented with, 

I relentlessly tried and tested every tool and modality

I could get my hands on.


        After trying about 60 different things, I discovered some incredibly potent tools which initiated rapid healing and the light of my soul was able to shine brightly once again.

           I'm now sharing these tools in order to help make your journey more easeful,  
fun and successful. 

circled link to learn more about solahnightstar

creations to help you shine

Crystal realm consciousness is here to help make our journeys easier.

By uniting with and getting to know these gorgeous allies, we can better tap into the

wisdom and strength we need for each challenge we encounter.

All adornment here designed and handmade by Solah as antidotes.

Not only do we have these
BIG MISSIONS we're on...

we also have extra challenges as lightworkers. 

In order to be successful, in the ways our hearts truly desire,
our work requires specialized tools and a
highly strategic

As Lightworkers, we're on divinely appointed missions to help uplift humanity. This is no small task and our journey is fraught with unique challenges. What works for others, often doesn't work for us.

Maybe you’re having a hard time getting and maintaining the energy and focus you need to do your work. Maybe you’re experiencing health challenges. Maybe you’re giving away your power, not doing as much self care as you need to be, feeling overwhelmed or experiencing that black sheep loneliness.

Maybe you're already feeling fairly successful and are ready to play a bigger game!

If you want to be having more fun, serving more people, bringing in more income, surrounding yourself with resonant, loving, supportive beings and ​feeling the absolute joy of living your purpose and helping people with the gifts you came to this realm to share...


I'm here to help you accomplish these things!


I've discovered and used some of the most potent tools on the planet to transform my life and the lives of my clients. I know how transformative these tools can be for you too. 

Let's illuminate your path. Take this assessment questionnaire to gain greater perspective on where you're at on the lightworker's journey and what tools would be most beneficial for you right now.


These solutions range from free to paid and you can use your own intuition to tap into what feels best for you.


After doing the questionnaire, you'll be able to book a free 20 minute consultation with me, where we can look a little more at your options and get your questions answered.


Vibrational Recalibration

Healing Sessions

Clearing the auric field of past entanglements so that you can move forward powerfully! 

Coaching &

Metaphysical Consulting

Bespoke solutions that meet you exactly where you're at and help you get to where you want to be.

Forest Wedding

Wedding Officiation

by Reverend Solah

Custom designed wedding ceremonies that reflect your partnership beautifully.
Officiated with heart.

upcoming online events

💜 this fills my heart 💜

Receiving messages from my clients about the results they're experiencing as a result of

working together is absolutely one of my favorite parts of my "job".

I know you love hearing from those you've helped too.

Let's get more of this flowing for you! 

some results clients have texted to Positively Purposeful

let's soar together!

Exciting things are always brewing at the studio...
tools, techniques, toys, downloads & opportunities galore!

My desire is for you to feel aligned, passionate, purposeful and joyful.

Have a peak at some of these opportunities and let me know if you'd like to collaborate.

Keep in touch!
Ideally, it's best to take a few moments to fill in the assessment questionnaire so we have a better idea exactly what tips, tools and resources will be most helpful for you.
However, if you'd like to just quickly ensure we're connected here, that's wonderful too!

💫 You're in! Thanks for connecting! 💫

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