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Star Formation

Metaphysical Consulting


20 Minute Consultation


Not quite sure what the best way to move forward is? 

Need some clarity on the offerings and some help figuring out what the best fit might be for you? 

Book a 20 minute call and get your questions answered by Solah. 

Please fill in the Questionnaire Assessment before booking this call as those results will help guide us.

“I started coaching with Solah at a time when I felt very overwhelmed and frozen about how to move forward with my life. I had started my own small business doing massage and became stuck in the feeling of responsibility and work 24/7 just to keep up.

Solah’s upbeat and naturally fun demeanor reminded me of my true essence and with clear and powerful organizational tools and goal setting, I was feeling like a whole new woman after just a few sessions and my ‘work’ quickly returned to my JOY!."

Samantha J.


Taster Coaching Session

Curious what it might be like to have

Coach Solah on your side, helping you manifest your dreams?

Book this session and receive...

  • deeper insight and feedback on where you're currently at and what’s required to move forward powerfully 

  • 3 next action steps created with the support of your coach

  • a follow up accountability email on those action steps you've set up for yourself

  • we'll determine if working together further in a one-on-one coaching capacity would be a great fit or if there are other recommendations that might better serve you, and if so, what those options could look like. 


*only one Taster Coaching Session available at this price per client


Bespoke Coaching Packages

You're a unique being and

your needs are unique too.

Let's start with a Taster Coaching Session 

and figure out from there

how you could be best served.

Custom coaching packages offered on a sliding scale from

$333 to $555 monthly.


Mastermind Groups

Coming soon! 

The benefits of tapping into a highly aligned 

mastermind collective can be massive.


We'll likely create a group for new entrepreneurs and a group for those with more experience. Perhaps a group for lightworkers that are not running their own businesses too! 

Please fill in the Mastermind Application below so that we can track interest and plan accordingly.

We'll be in touch once we have group offerings ready to go. 

Mastermind Application
Are you a current or aspiring entreprenuer?
If you answered 'yes' above, how long have you been an entrepreneur for?
What are the main things you'd like to gain from your mastermind group?

Thanks for your interest!

We'll reach out once this offering is available.

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