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the story of a solah

Metaphysician, Healer, Artist & Empowerment Coach Solah Nightstar is highly passionate about the evolution of the human spirit and the purpose and potential of humankind.

The vision Solah holds for our collective evolution is one where we live and thrive within a world full of happy and deeply fulfilled people. She sees living a passionate and heart-based life as the key to resolving many of the issues we’re currently facing as a planet, thereby bringing us back into balance and harmony.

At the heart of Solah's work is a commitment to empowering individuals to recognize and harness their inherent power to pursue their heart's deepest callings. With her background as a Certified Life Coach and an Ordained Metaphysical Reverend, holding a Master's degree in Metaphysics, she offers unwavering support to those on their path to deeper self-discovery and activation of their gifts.

Solah’s career journey began at the age of 19 when she decided to become an award winning Special Effects Makeup Artist, inspiring children into more of their own majick via the creation of whimsical characters. This path allowed her to act from a deep sense of purpose and direction for the next 10 years.

At the age of 29 Solah felt her values begin to shift towards health, balance and environmental sustainability. In order to retain her alignment with self, Solah then began to shift her work to reflect these values.

From there, a five year exploration began with the discovery of a real passion for small business as a vehicle for social change.

While supporting the forward movement of her bigger plans, Solah successfully created and operated a small, innovative hairstyling business for the last 20 years which provided the opportunity to hire and train a team of 10 artists to help her produce thousands of hair pieces for a world renowned circus show.

To date, her diverse work experience spans many industries such as TV and film, sales and marketing (including retail, B2B, direct sales and digital), the arts, production, health and wellness, construction, hospitality, human resources and the beauty industry. Along the way, she’s worked with artists, healers, scientists, activists, retirees, the homeless, students, entrepreneurs and more.

In 2012, while sharing sharing some of the majickal adventures that had been her passionate and purposeful path, written for the best selling “Adventures in Manifesting'' book series, Solah experienced what often happens to lightworkers before they step up to serve in bigger ways... a health crisis. 

After a 9 year healing journey of investing herself into over 60 different holistic approaches to regaining her energy and ability to function properly, her prayers were answered in 2021 and her vitality was restored.

The wisdom and tools she acquired on this 9 year odyssey have now been added to Solah’s toolkit and a deeper understanding of what it can take to overcome obstacles on a lightworker’s journey has emerged. 

Now thriving health wise, and basking in the joy and ease brought to her by daily use of the most potent tools she's discovered, Solah is inspired to share these gifts with others in the lightworking community. Her goal is to equip others with the necessary tools to succeed more easefully on their divine missions.

If you’re ready to create Positively Purposeful change, Solah will meet you exactly where you’re at and help elevate you to new heights of empowered action. She helps her clients overcome blockages and come more fully into alignment with themselves so that they can make the impact they’ve come to this world to make. 

Whether she’s adorning you with healing crystal jewelry, officiating your sacred ceremonies, guiding your physical healing, or supporting your entrepreneurial aspirations, Solah is committed to nurturing your path towards a deeply fulfilling and passionate life. 

She'd love to have you join her in this heart-led journey towards personal and collective transformation.

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